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Peggy Hill
Founder & Educator
*Certified Yoga Instructor
*Minority, Woman Owned Small Business: MWBE; WOSB Certified

Peggy Hill Yoga Instructor

What Can You Expect?


I believe in the power of a simple yet highly effective Yoga practice. When properly designed, communicated, and engaging, Yoga asanas/ exercises can help you release stress, be more productive, feel good, and live with Vibrancy!

I know first-hand how our bodies, mind, and spirit shift over the years. Yes, Life Happens! As such, your Yoga practice will probably need to be adapted to accommodate your current state, yet still continue to build strength, release stress, maintain/increase flexibility, mobility, and balance.

As a Certified Yoga Instructor, I design and deliver a variety of quality and enjoyable Yoga programs at various venues servicing adults and seniors. Whether a beginner or experienced practitioner, you'll find our sessions dynamic, spiritually inspiring, grounded and focused on optimal body alignment. My class format is a blend of muscular strength, flexibility, and balance work. 

Safety is my first priority. As I serve a multi-lingual and multi-cultural client base, I take great pride in clearly communicating, demonstrating, and educating in each class safe Yoga principles and poses-- which my clients love!


As a Yoga With Peggy H student, you learn to listen to your body, to respect its wisdom, and to progress at your own pace. Check out some recent comments on my Testimonials page.

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