Testimonials for Yoga with Peggy H


  • "I see improvement in my body -- being more flexible. I wish the class was three times a week. Peggy is a wonderful instructor!"

  • "Last night's session was excellent! Woke up this morning feeling great."

  • The classes are truly making such a significant improvement in my everyday life. I can feel my health slowly improving with every session. Your energy in the room is unmatched. You make us all feel so comfortable no matter what stage we're at. Thanks a million!"

  • "I'm amazed my balance has greatly improved. My posture is better and I am more mindful of my alignment in every thing."

  • "Yoga has loosened my hips and increased my stability/ balance. I enjoy the class."

  • "Peggy gives clear instructions throughout the class. Peggy also monitors the students to ensure they're in proper form and not hurting themselves. I appreciate the class and am learning a lot."

  • "Class has helped my stamina and my strength. Balancing is still hard but improved."

  • "Since I started this class with Peggy, I notice my back and neck are almost pain free. My mobility is much better. I am stronger in every area of my body."

  • "I have been a part of this yoga class for ~ 16 months. There is great improvement in my balance, strength, and flexibility. I am more relaxed, not as stressed. This class is invaluable."


  • "This is my third yoga instructor over the past four years and by far, the best in terms of: professionalism; explanation of positions and benefits; do's and don'ts to avoid injuries and a real concern for our welfare around this very important issue."

  • "I look forward to the yoga sessions with Peggy whose enthusiasm and motivation keep me coming back."

  • "Thank you for the relief between my shoulder blades."

  • "I love this yoga class taught by Peggy and I have recommended the class to my friends. My aches and pains have noticeably decreased since taking classes with Peggy."

  • "All good! It benefits me entirely: Body/ Mind/ Spirit/ Soul. Very informational. Well structured. Energy is very well balanced. The atmosphere is perfectly arranged."

  • "Why do I do Yoga with Peggy H? It helps me tremendously with my sciatic pain and my flexibility."

  • "This class is an excellent class. I love all the yoga moves and teaching -- which has helped me with my form. I find the class very relaxing and effective."

  • "Your class is wonderful. I like the balance poses which I definitely need. Your class instructions are so encouraging. Love the class."